What We Think About Frozen 2 – A Movie Review


It’s back! I never thought I would see the two princesses, or rather the Queen and her Sister Princess, once again in a different light. It was refreshing, dramatic, and a pinch of unexpectedness that made it overall just awesome.

Weekends are about family and to spare the exhausting ping-pong of deciding where to eat and what to do to spruce up our weekend life, we sat on a comfy chair, inside a dark theater, with barbecue popcorn in our mouths, and a whole lot of singing reindeer in our eyes.

Yes, Disney’s Frozen is indeed back after years of keeping mum from its first movie. There are anticipations, mash-ups of what could be and what should be, and people’s opinions on the story and added characters. It brought back the characters once in a while despite many more amazing movies in between.

Let me be honest that I am not that enthusiastic with sequels, except if I read them from a book and it was good. Oftentimes, leaving a perfect legacy of a cool story, excellent characters, beautiful picture and music, and the overall ambiance is better than pushing a not-so-at-par-with-the-first second movie. I think some of you would agree that not all movies were blessed with a successful sequel. So, we were not that hopeful with Frozen II.

But, I am glad we were wrong! 😉

So, here’s what we thought about Frozen II

I will not lay down the storyline here as watching the story and rolling with all the drama and laughter will be a lot worthwhile than reading my summary of it. But, I will simply tell you our impressions.

First, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. All I can say is that they were remarkable. They were not your typical movie royalties who set a fine line between them and real women. They became realistic, with relatable emotions and characters. We were happy with the beautiful turn out in the end.


Then, add in Kristoff, a loyal and selfless person, Sven, with his best friend character, and of course Olaf, who encompasses some of the emotions and questions a person feels – and we got the best characters to lead us to a great story.

And, who would predict such an incredible storyline? It speaks of family loyalty, sisterly love, selfless love of parents, and a refreshing take on a love story. It did not give in to cliches of romance but rather focused on what real love is supposed to be. (Well, Kristoff did something lovely for Anna in the end, by which he did it in a cool way.)

The film teaches us that there is more to romantic love than the usual courtship and it is heart-warming to see people putting themselves behind the person they love (like how Kristoff supported Anna despite his own dilemma and how their mother saved their father despite the cultural differences.)


Parents would appeal to the tender and self-sacrificing love of the King and Queen, not just for each other but for their children. It appreciates our true feelings of affection and care for our kids. Despite not seeing a likeable result at first, the true parental love that beats every second in our hearts is what matters.

We were indeed touched by the mix of sadness, encouragement, defeat, loss, and love in the movie. There is more to it than just letting your kids enjoy the sights of their favorite Queen and Princess, the cute stunts of Olaf and Sven, and the stunning effects of snow. It is also a movie worth watching for the adults in the family.

Again, I am not hopeful with sequels and I am not sure if Frozen 3 someday (if ever they decide to do it in the future) will be as good as Frozen 2. But, who cares and why think of the future when we can all enjoy Frozen 2 right now? 🙂

Have a great time watching!

I said my piece but I would love to hear yours! What do you think of Frozen 2? Tell us in the comments below.


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