I am a Pregnant Teenager. Now, What?

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Pregnancy is one of the least things we expect from being a teenager. But, it happens. Many teenagers are waking up one morning finding themselves in front of a positive pregnancy test. It is devastating, and it creates doubt and fear in them.

While we do not advocate in teenage pregnancy and hope that such cases will soon diminish and come to an end, we want to extend help to teenagers who are expecting right now. Blaming ourselves or others for the situation we are in right now will not help in resolving or easing up what we are going through. Instead, let us focus on what you need to do now that you found out that you are pregnant.

What You May Feel Getting Through Adolescent or Teen Pregnancy

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It is understandable to feel a mix of emotions when you first found out that you are pregnant. There is the anxiety of what lies ahead, of the future, or how to bring up a child when you are too young yourself. There is also the concern and fear of how to tell your parents, of how they will react or feel about your situation, or what they will do to you. You may also feel afraid of what people may say about you, or doubtful if you are indeed pregnant.

These are valid emotions, and it is almost the same reactions of pregnant teenagers. Many pregnant teenagers are going through a wave of emotions, as they go through their pregnancy. There may be instances when you feel a sudden anxiety attack, while some other times you want to be hopeful and strong.

What Should You Do If You’re a Teenager Who’s Unexpectedly Pregnant

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First, talk to someone you can trust. It can be a family member or friend. Telling someone of your situation can help unload the overwhelming emotions you feel. We know that it is easier said than done, but it is only difficult at the beginning. Once you have started to tell someone your situation, you will soon realize that you do not need to be alone.

We highly recommend that you tell your parents first if you can. We understand that they may be angry and disappointed at you. But, remember that they only feel this way because they love you and are hurt that you have gotten yourself in this position. In the end, they are the ones who will help you in any way they can because they will always want the best for you. Read this article on how you can tell your parents about your pregnancy.

Next, seek prenatal care. Visit a doctor or a health care center to have your pregnancy checked. These medical professionals will give you vitamins and medicines that you will need. They can also check the condition of your baby. Take good care of yourself by living a healthy lifestyle. It is no longer you alone in your world but you and your baby. What you do to yourself will affect the beautiful baby inside of you.

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Third, create a plan for the future. There are different things you have to consider. For instance, what do you plan with the baby? Are you going to keep it or are you putting it up for adoption? While we want parents and their babies to be united and build a family, there are situations when young parents cannot do so. The best way is to try considering adoption and fostering. Fostering is ideal if you want to temporarily place your baby in a loving family while you try to sort out your life. However, if you do not want to keep your baby at all, putting it up for adoption is better.

You may also want to think about school. Will you go back and continue with your studies? Or, would you stop and take care of your baby? Ideally, mothers need to offer first-hand care for their babies. But, going back to school, even if it is a challenge, can significantly help build a better future for your family.

Fourth, prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Being pregnant is tough, whether you expected it or not. There are risks that pregnant women are facing, most especially teenagers. You have to prepare yourself by accepting your fate, looking ahead, and learning the best way to aid your pregnancy.

It is indeed a huge challenge to be a pregnant teenager. It feels like the world is against you and you are alone in your situation. But, never lose hope. For as long as you do what is right and you try to make things better, everything will be fine.


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