List of Helpful Ways to Handle & Remedy a Child’s Cough

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Getting sick is a typical scenario when it comes to our children. Due to their exposure to various environments and people, there is a high risk for them to get sick.

When we hear our children coughing, we can’t help but worry about what it may lead to. Is it just a slight irritation of their throat, or are they getting the flu? Should I immediately give them cough medicines or allow the cough to go away? Oftentimes, our worries may get in the way of handling the situation well.

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Treating a child with a cough at home is not easy. We may have to use our best judgment on what we must do in these instances. Good thing there are ways you can consider doing to help you manage your child’s situation well.

Tips to Help You Treat, Calm and Remedy Your Kid’s Cough at Home

Don’t worry immediately when your child is coughing. Cough is a body reflex that clears the airways and protects our lungs. However, some severe coughs may be a cause of underlying illness or infection. Here’s what you can do to help you manage your child’s coughing.

Tip #1 – Give your Child Plenty of Liquids to Drink

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Water is ideal to help clear the throat. A warm lemon juice or tea with honey can help soothe the irritation. If your child continues to have a sore throat, a tablespoon of raw honey can help.

Avoid giving them too sweet or carbonated drinks, as these could aggravate the cough. Milk is also great for your child.

Tip #2 – Use Only Age-Appropriate Medicine

Not all medication is ideal for all children. Make sure your child is old enough to swallow cough drops to prevent the risk of choking. Check out the medicine labels and use dosage based on their age.

Tip #3 – Help Clear Congestion

A congested environment can trigger coughs and colds. It will be more difficult for your child to breathe. Clear the air with a reliable humidifier in the room. Check for triggers in the room, especially dust and dirt.

A steamy hot shower may also help unclog your child’s nostrils and airways. You can run the hot water in the shower and bath and allow your child to inhale the steam for several minutes.

Tip #4 – Commune with Nature

A breath of fresh air is ideal for healthier lungs. If you are near a park or a forest, you and your child can walk for a few minutes. Getting close to nature also helps in boosting the immune system.

When to See a Doctor About Your Child’s Coughing

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While we want to treat our children as much as we want, there are signs and symptoms warranting medical help. Call for emergency assistance or your doctor if you see some of the signs below:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Severe coughs
  • Blood in mucus or coughing blood
  • Blue-colored lips, fingernails, tongue, or face
  • High fever
  • Coughs lasting for a week
  • Choking
  • Wheezing sounds when breathing
  • Vomiting

Sickness is a tough time in the family. Such circumstances are inevitable. However, we can all get through it if we know what to do and where to ask for help.


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