Tips for Managing Parenting & Schooling for Teenage Parents

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You can’t go to school when you have a baby—is what a lot of people would say to a teenage parent. When you start having a baby at a young age, many people expect you to leave behind all your dreams and focus on rearing your child. There is nothing wrong with giving everything to your children. But, pursuing something for yourself is also worthwhile for your family in the future.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I hadn’t graduated from my university yet. It was heart-crushing knowing that I may not be able to finish school. However, my father asked me if I wanted to continue studying, and I said yes.

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I finished my degree and landed good jobs. From there, I assisted my husband in earning a living and making a better life for our family.

Going back to school helps in achieving our dreams, not to mention giving us more job opportunities in the future. It is tough, no doubt, to juggle studying and taking care of your baby. There will be sleepless nights, extended hours of mental effort, and simultaneous worries between schoolwork and family. However, all the hard work pays off when you finish your school and have a good job.

How to Manage & Juggle Parenting and Continuing Studying When you are a Young Parent – Effective & Practical Tips for Teen Moms

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It takes double or triple effort to handle two crucial responsibilities in your life. But, with some help, a positive and patient mindset, and a goal, you will break through in the end.

Finish the Remaining Years in Your Current School

Ask for help from your guidance counselor or principal on how you can continue your studies until you graduate. You can inquire about any assistance they can provide you, such as flexible schedules or online classes.

Seek Support from Your Parents or Loved Ones

Who better to help you get through schooling and raising a child than your parents? They can express their disappointment or become angry. But, parents will continue to love you no matter your situation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for their help in taking care of your baby while you continue your studies. However, if you are in an abusive family situation, it is best to seek assistance from other people, such as a relative or even a government agency.

Look for Government Assistance

There may be programs available for teenage parents who want to pursue their studies but are financially incapable. Research any government offers or try to visit your local government office.

Create a Plan for Your Future

Setting a goal will help you keep your feet on the right path. Know what you want your future to become and align your action plans towards it. Make sure to formulate a plan that is realistic and achievable for you and your family. Always consider that your life now is different than before, but it does not have to be on the negative side. You may have a better future ahead, more than you can expect.

Find a Reliable Child Care

Start looking for a childcare plan for your baby during your school hours. You may ask some of your relatives or parents or hire a babysitter. Consider all these possibilities until you finish your school.

Build a Great Future For Your Baby!

Finishing school gives you a chance to support your child and yourself. You can be more confident when you are able to land a job and pursue your goals.


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