List of Fun & Creative Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

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“So many things to do, yet so little time” – We all heard that saying told by people, and sometimes, we believe it ourselves. And it definitely applies to the time we have for our kids.

It seems that they are growing up fast, and soon, we see our toddlers spending more time at school than at home. But, we can always make the most of our time with our children and create memories with them.

List of Suggestions for Fun and Creative Activities You and Your Children Can Do While They Are Young

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No matter how old they are, we always see them as our little ones, our most loved, our joy, and someone we want to take care of and protect. Spend most of your time with your kids having fun and enjoying each other’s company with these tips:

Solve a puzzle together.

You can start with only a few pieces. Then, elevate the challenge with complicated puzzles.

Go on a picnic once a month.

Pack their favorite snacks and go to the park. You can enjoy a hassle-free time while getting some fresh air and lots of places to run.

Do some gardening.

Get your hands dirty with soil and mud. Plant flowers around your house or maintain a lovely bush.

Bake cookies.

Bake cookies
Photo credit by Gustavo Fring on Pexels

Kids love cookies—and so do adults! Put on some aprons and play with cookie dough on your tabletops. You can create various shapes of cookies.

Build a fort or a house.

If you have little children, a fort or a playhouse is a dream come true. You can make use of different materials. If you want to take it more seriously, try building a treehouse in the backyard.


There are loads of exciting games you can play with your children. Try hide and seek or hopscotch. You can also shoot some balls or play with water guns in the garden.

Visit the zoo.

Children will love to explore and see various kinds of animals. You can also research fun animal trivia to tell them during the visit.

Go to the beach.

Enjoy the time with your family under the sun. Let them play in the sand and build sand castles. You can also teach them to swim or just enjoy their time along the shore.

Open a box of board games and play.

Just make sure to look for games suitable for their age.

Dive into the world of arts.

It can be painting or drawing. You and your children can start with chalk painting in the driveway. Sculpting with clay is a great idea too!

Start collecting.

Your collection will last several years, and it will be a good keepsake for the future. Talk with your children about what you want to collect. Rocks or keychains are excellent options.

Go silly!

Make funny faces with each other or tell jokes. You can spend one afternoon just doing anything that will keep you laughing.

Do some crafts.

If your little ones love to tinker or do something with their hands, look for craft activities you can do together.

Dance and sing!

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Turn on their favorite songs and dance in the living room. Make costumes with blankets, small pillows, or hats to make the time more memorable.

Doing fun activities with your child will help boost their self-esteem while creating wonderful memories they can carry with them as they grow up. Try to schedule these activities and have a blast!


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