Babyproofing? Super Easy Checklist to a Babyproof Home

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When we brought our baby home from the hospital, her presence created a warm and cheerful atmosphere inside the house. All we wanted was to watch her sleep, to see her smile, and to dream of the days when she would start talking and walking.

Then, we would relish the moments when she would grab onto different things that amazed her for the first time or watch everything going on around her innocently. Her happiness means a lot to us. But we also want to keep her safe as she explores a new world during the first few years of her life.

Your baby’s curiosity goes beyond limit with so many interesting things tickling her senses. Let them be, but keep your guard on by ensuring a babyproof environment for your child.

List of 24 Best Babyproofing Methods and Tips You Can Easily Do for your Home when a New Baby Arrives

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  1. Create storage for all your things to prevent your child from grabbing them easily.
  2. Check for broken things at home, such as windows, tiles, chairs, etc, and have them repaired.
  3. Install baby gates to selected areas of your house, such as the kitchen, stairs, and home office.
  4. Secure cabinet doors, windows, doorways, and gates with safety or magnetic locks.
  5. Keep sharp objects like knives, scissors, and other tools in a safe and unreachable place.
  6. Secure your toilet with a lock if not in use.
  7. Add non-slip strips to your bathtub or shower.
  8. Store cleaning materials and solutions out of your baby’s way at all times.
  9. Use stove covers on your burners and ovens.
  10. Add non-skid pads on your carpets and rugs.
  11. Keep your trash cans stored inside a locked cabinet.
  12. Install corner protectors on your tables or switch to round ones.
  13. Add outlet coverings to all your power outlets.
  14. Always unplug your appliances and keep electrical cords tucked safely out of their sight.
  15. Make sure your child cannot easily climb out of the crib.
  16. Add a soft rug beside the crib or bed to cushion their fall.
  17. Secure cords of your blinds and curtains and keep them out of reach.
  18. Store medicines in a safe place.
  19. Place your shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics on shelves they cannot reach.
  20. Clean up small items immediately to prevent swallowing and choking.
  21. Install carbon dioxide and smoke detectors.
  22. Use boxes and storage without lids to avoid getting stuck.
  23. If you have a fireplace or radiator, secure it with a screen.
  24. Always have a first-aid kit ready.

Babies are indeed adorable when they try to crawl around or hold on to things new to them. We can give them a bit of freedom but also the reins of protection to make sure they stay on the safe side always.


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