Teaching Kids Generosity – How to Raise Generous Children in Your Community

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Back when I was a kid, I remembered my mom saying, “It is better to give than to receive.” Beats me, I love receiving anything coming my way – the toys, sweets, pretty dresses, even cash.

But fast forward to now, and how my heart rejoices whenever I see my child giving off her old clothes to charity!

Every parent wants to raise a generous child. Creating a habit of giving will help mold them into responsible and kind adults in the future, and that will make every parent’s dream come true. Hence, making them understand the value of giving must be instilled in their early years.

There are two main areas where our kids can give: through gifts and by means of service. Gifts come in the form of candies, drawings, those cute clay moldings, or even some of their old toys. Acts of service may be done by fixing a broken toy of a classmate, picking up the mail of an elderly neighbor, or helping in the garden.

How to Teach Your Child to Give and Inspire the Habit of Generosity to the Young Ones

Photo credit by Freepik

Here’s how you can foster the value of giving and generosity to your kids at any age:

Walk Your Talk – Give First

If you want your children to be generous, you need to set an example first. Kids have the tendency to imitate the actions, and even attitudes, of their parents. If they see you giving in certain circumstances, they will trail along.

Create Opportunities for Them to Be Generous

Are you finding it difficult to encourage your children to give? Without means of opportunity, it may indeed become a challenge for them to practice giving.

Look for local charities where your kids can drop off some of their old clothes. Maybe they can help you buy groceries to donate. Even the smallest of things, like planning a playdate where children can bring food to share, can already give them a picture of what it is like to give.

Kindness is Giving

Being kind to someone is another way of giving. Children must learn how to treat other people with respect and gentleness. When they show kindness to others, they are showing a heartfelt affection and concern—something most people need exactly.

Allow Them to Choose How to Give

Not everything is everyone’s cup of tea. That being said, your kids may not like giving their artwork to other people but would love to create something new to give instead. Perhaps they don’t like sharing their lunch but would prefer bringing some extras to give the next day.

Emphasize their Good Actions

Simple acts of giving are commendable.  At the end of everything, always compliment the generous acts of your kids, whether big or small. These words of praise will establish a positive mindset and inspire them to continue giving.

Raising generous kids creates a strong foundation that will help build a better future for them and for the people around them. A small act of generosity always goes a long way!


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