Best Secrets & Tips on How to Clean your House Fast, Easy and Efficiently

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We all love a clean house. But, not everyone is a fan of cleaning. Spending most of your time maintaining a spick and span home can rob you the time for other things, most especially your family.

However, you don’t have to compromise a well-maintained house over everything else. With just a few tricks, you can keep things in order without spending a lot of time on it.

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8 Practical, Efficient Yet Easy Ways to Speed Clean your House

The idea is to create a routine that you can integrate with your everyday tasks. You can also set a schedule for deep cleaning once a month.

Tip #1 – Practice CLAYGO (Clean as You Go)

Some ideas to get you started with cleaning as you go are: wiping the table after using, making the bed after waking up, and putting the dishes in the dishwasher after eating. Cleaning after every use will eliminate the added clutter in your house.

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Tip #2 – Pick Up Anything that Does Not Belong to Where It is Now

Are clothes lying on the floor? Pick them up immediately and put them in the laundry bin. Do you see pennies or buttons along the hallway or stairs? Pick them up also and put them where they belong.

Tip #3 – Keep Cleaning Tools and Materials Within Easy Reach

It is more efficient to clean instantly if everything you need is available. For example, you can immediately wipe the kitchen counter if you have a rug you can grab. Bathroom mirrors will not be hazy always if you have a microfiber cloth to wipe off the steam after shower.

Tip #4 – Create a Cleaning Schedule

Remember, you do not have to clean the entire house everyday. Once you implement the habit of cleaning after using, you can only schedule deep cleaning less often. Set a day each week when you can disinfect your kitchen and bathroom.

Tip #5 – Use Effective Cleaning Tools

You don’t have to trade off efficiency, speed, and comfort over price. Invest in effective tools that will help you lessen your time cleaning. Use a vacuum instead of sweeping with a broom. Utilize dishwashers rather than washing the dishes by hand. Robot vacuums are a huge help if you want to keep the floor spotless.

Tip #6 – Declutter if You Must

It is often difficult to maintain a clean house if there are a lot of things around. Spend some time to reorganize your things and get rid of stuff you no longer need. It will help you free up some space, thereby reducing dust build-up.

Tip #7 – Always Clean from Top to Bottom

Start from the top, either the top of your house or the top of your cabinets, and work your way to the bottom. It will eliminate the need to re-clean.

Tip #8 – Working Together Goes a Long Way!

Cleaning is not a one-man’s job. Doing all the chores together can help ease up the load and make cleaning faster and more efficient. Teach your family members the faster way to maintain a spotless house with the tips above.


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