Stopping Gadget Addiction Starts with You: How to Stop Technology Addiction for Parents

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Okay, so let’s jump on the bandwagon where parents are caught between wanting to teach their kids and learning itself being hard to apply. I don’t know how to put it together, but let’s make it simple. We want our kids to overcome the struggles of being addicted to excessive gadget or technology use. But we cannot stop getting ourselves addicted.

It is true that we need to set an example for our kids. However, we cannot deny that we were once children ourselves, and such youthfulness, backed up by experiencing the pleasure of it, often manifests in us. And while it is okay at some point, there is always a fine line we should not cross, and we should see ourselves as the adults and the more patient and disciplined ones.

Don’t get me wrong! It is easier said than done. But the most crucial thing is that we tried to get ourselves out of the addiction, or perhaps the temptation and tendency to stir our actions to it, and help our children not get addicted too.

Helping Our Children Not Get Addicted to Gadgets by Helping Ourselves Stop Gadget Addiction

Photo credit by Freepik

There are several things we can do to avoid getting addicted to gadget use. Take note that gadgets and technology do not only mean our smartphones or tablets. These things also involve our laptops, computers, gaming devices, and smart TVs.

So, let’s start rethinking, reducing and decluttering unnecessary technology usage in our family, in our home.

Set Goals for Yourself and Your Kids

What are your goals for controlling and preventing gadget addiction in your family? Do you want your children to do more productive activities than spend most of their time in front of the screen? 

Creating a goal will help you build an action plan. Remember to be more realistic with your goals––something that you and your children can easily attain.

Set It on Schedule

One of the reasons we cannot stop ourselves from watching movies, playing video games, or streaming videos is not making the change a priority. When we want to overcome gadget addiction, we must deliberately put our minds and actions into it.

For instance, make sure to schedule family entertainment on days when you can find other activities to do and not just watch TV at home. You can also schedule a walk in the park when you want to take half a day off and not just stay at home.

Find Fun Off-Screen Activities for the Family

Try playing board games with your kids or helping them build a fort in the backyard. You can also take a short trip to a nearby museum or playground. It is true that it may take time to plan out these activities rather than just stay at home and watch TV. However, it will be worth your while when you know that your family has been detached from the screen for several hours, and it did you good!

Minimize Time for Technology Use Gradually

It will take time, but you have to be patient with it. Small steps do matter in every case, and just a few minutes of reduction every day on your gadget use can already create a huge impact.

If you normally use your phone for an hour every coffee break, reduce it to 45 minutes. Then, gradually reduce the time in 15-minute increments until you no longer need to use your phone when you don’t have to.

How is this effective? When you find other creative things to fill in the reduced time. You can try to solve a crossword puzzle, read a book, or write a journal during the 15 minutes you no longer use your phone.

Do Not Take your Phone to Bed

What if I need to search for something before going to bed? Just write a note and do it in the morning! Not everything needs to be done in an instant.

Taking your phone to bed will only tempt you to use it and eventually lead you to hours of endless social media surfing. Try bringing a book instead to help your body relax and be ready to sleep.

We Can Do This!

It seems difficult to stop ourselves from using our phones. In fact, there is such an excessive reliance on them that sometimes we can no longer function when our phones are nowhere to be found.

However, it may not always be true. As we try to shift our mindset and aim to create a stop to gadget addiction in our family, we may be able to persevere and reap great rewards for the positive steps we choose for our loved ones.


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