Why Are Kids Lying and What To Do About It as Parents

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It is such a huge offense when our kids lie about something. When my daughter tried to get away with something wrong, she used to lie to avoid getting scolded. It triggered my anger and frustration knowing that she tried sneaking a lie to escape the consequences.

Why Do Children Lie to Parents? 10 Reasons for Doing It!

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However, a lot of children lie due to different reasons.

  1. They are afraid of getting scolded.
  2. They think they can get away with the consequences.
  3. They believe in what they plan to accomplish despite contradicting the adults.
  4. They tend to do whatever that comes into their minds.
  5. They don’t have an idea that what they are saying is wrong.
  6. They give in to peer pressure.
  7. They harbor negative feelings toward you.
  8. They want to get attention.
  9. They do not want to hurt other people, especially their feelings.
  10. They are simply afraid.

Your kids may be lying, but it does not make up their identity. As parents, it is crucial to be more understanding when our kids resort to lying. Guiding them on the right path will help minimize or eliminate the need to tell a lie.

How to Deal with Kids Being Sneaky and Make Them Admit They’re Lying

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It takes a lot of patience and endurance to discipline our kids. We often feel like a failure when the first or second tries do not work out. However, seeing our kids grow up to be honest and respectful people makes all our efforts worthwhile.

So, what to do when your kids are lying?

  • Be a role model. Whatever happens, never tell a lie in front of your kids. When dealing with their lies, make sure to stay true to what you said to them, especially in terms of consequences.
  • Immediately correct their lying. When you catch your kids lying, never let them get away with it. Correct the lie reasonably and calmly.
  • Be consistent with your values. Make sure to align your rules and consequences based on the values you want to implement in your family. Avoid justifying one mistake over another.
  • Make them understand why their lies are wrong. Scolding your kids without explanations can only trigger their rebelliousness. If your kids know why you are angry in the first place, they will gradually instill reasoning and discernment the next time they are facing the same temptations.
  • Allow them to explain their side. Let them talk even when you are disappointed. Giving your kids time to share the reason why they lie will help you understand their behavior.
  • Teach your children the difference between a lie and the truth. Explain to them the value of telling the truth always and sticking to it. Doing so will also enable them to understand your negative responses to their lying.

Lying may not be a great thing, but there are also other undesirable behaviors our children may do. The key is to remain patient and calm, stand up to our family values, and never give up on guiding them.


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