How to Nurture and Help your Child Have a Healthy & Positive Body Image

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I have always hated my body since I was little due to the fact that I was a chubby girl. I felt that I was cursed with a huge thigh and arms, apart from being on the short side when it comes to height.

To top it all off, everyone around me has the same negative thoughts as I do, and they are not afraid to inform me about it. I constantly dragged myself to parties, gatherings, and meetings with other people in fear that they may think less of me.

Body image is a crucial influence on our self-esteem. When we see a negative impression of ourselves, we begin to lose the confidence we nurture inside of us and feel dejected and defeated.

However, this must not always be the case. Breaking through such stigma in terms of body image will enable us to accept our bodies and live life without the burden of other people’s opinions on our backs.

Ways to Help Your Children and Teens Develop a Positive Body Image and Boost Their Self-Esteem

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Our kids, including teenagers need help in empowering themselves to not think of their bodies negatively. They need to appreciate who they are and build their confidence and self-esteem gradually.

Teach your Kids How to Think Critically When It Comes to Media Information 

Millions of images, concepts, and ideas online or on various types of media can influence how our children think about others and themselves. We must teach our children how they should interpret this information and identify what is right and true.

Avoid Unfavorable Side Comments About the Physical Body

When we constantly say something adverse about the physical body of another person or even ourselves, our kids will think that these are the standards one has to uphold to gain approval.

Have an Open Communication with your Growing Teens

Your teens may feel overwhelmed with the various changes happening in their bodies. Giving them the time to open up about how they feel and what they think will allow you to direct their mindset into a more positive one. It will also establish trust and a healthier relationship.

Refrain from Associating Food with Your Body Weight

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It is true that some foods can make a person gain weight. However, these may be misinterpreted by our children and see food as a culprit to their negative body image. Promote a healthier and well-balanced diet in your family instead of turning food into disadvantageous.

Emphasize Diversity

Everyone is unique and different. Your kids can nurture a healthy body image if they accept and understand the uniqueness of every person.

If we help our kids embrace a positive body image, they will grow up mature, confident, and kind people. Let us promote a better mindset for our children.


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