Managing and Dealing With Holiday Stress in Your Family the Healthy Way

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Planning for the food, shopping for gifts, arranging the family schedule – all these holiday hassles can put a burden on any parent’s shoulders. On top of that, there are also child tantrums, last-minute changes, and toxic relatives.

When the holiday comes, many people look forward to the gifts and the sumptuous meals. However, for a lot of parents, it can mean stress.

A List of Helpful Ways to Cope and Deal with Family Stress and Conflicts During Holidays

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You’re not alone! While holiday-induced stress is non-negotiable, there are ways we can help mitigate it.

  • Keep your holiday preparations simple. You can plan for an uncomplicated but healthy yet delicious meal and present your home with an easy but elegant display.
  • Be practical with your choices. You do not need to buy expensive gifts or cook extravagant meals. If you have to buy ready-made food for your family, make it so.
  • Avoid blaming anyone when something wrong happens—even yourself. When things do not come as expected, accept and let it be.
  • Have the energy to say No. It takes a lot of strong will to reject someone. However, if you need to say No to some of the gatherings you have to go to, just say so.
  • Schedule some time off within the holidays. You do not need to cramp everything in just a few days. Take some time to relax and enjoy a peaceful time with your family.
  • Look for stress-free holiday activities for your family. You can take a stroll in the local park, watch holiday shows, or hike in the mountains. These activities will help you de-stress, connect with your family, and create better memories.
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  • Spend only what you can afford. Set a budget beforehand and stick to it. You do not need to spend more just because it is the holidays. It may be a great reason to treat yourself, but keep it to a manageable level.
  • Know what your family needs. Only you know and understand your loved ones better. If there are triggers to anxiety or any negative emotions or reactions, try to get ahead of the situation and find ways to avoid it.
  • Set your priorities. Holidays are not only about your family. It can also be a chance to get together with relatives, close friends, and other people. However, if things get too overwhelming, you must know who and what to prioritize first.
  • Never fail to sleep, eat healthy, and rest. Even when everything becomes too busy, you should have a good rest from all your work, eat healthier foods, and have a good sleep at night.

Seeing our loved ones happy is one of the reasons why we try to make the best effort during the holidays. We may go through holiday stress, but we can always manage through it.


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