Activities To Keep Your Children Busy While You’re Working From Home

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Kudos to parents who work at home trying to juggle work and family life! While it sounds like a dream to stay at home and not have to prepare early each workday to go to the office, working at home with kids is not a walk in the park. In fact, it is even more challenging to manage your time, your deadline, your children’s needs, and your housework at the same time.

But, we can muddle through all our responsibilities with a little help on the sides. Keeping the little ones effectively busy and entertained will give us time to focus on our work.

List Of Productive Activities Your Kids Can Do To Keep Them Busy When You Work At Home

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A list of “something to do” for your children comes handy. That is why we came up with a checklist of fun activities your kids can do while you work at your home office.

1. Start them with sculpting.

You can use papier-mâché and clays. It will keep them engrossed in making different structures for hours.

2. Build them a playhouse.

If you have a backyard, you can build a small playhouse where they can run their imagination and recreate worlds of their own.

3. Make them solve puzzles.

It will take them minutes or even hours to finish a puzzle. Then, you can gradually increase the number of pieces if everything becomes too easy for them.

4. Foster their artistic ability.

Kids love to color, whether it is by paint, watercolor, or crayons. Give them art materials and allow them to create their own artwork or color an existing piece.

5. Encourage them into crafting.

Teach your kids how to crochet, knit, or do cross-stitching. They can even do origami, paper crafts, or making toys out of various materials at home.

6. Prepare them for a presentation.

Ask your kids to prepare a number for you. It can be a song, a dance, a poetry reading, or a dress-up. They can spend their time planning and preparing for their show.

7. Let them swim!

If it is too hot, fill up an inflatable pool or bathtub and add some toys. Your kids will enjoy their time while you also stay on the sides supervising and working.

8. Challenge them to finish a book.

Give your kids great books to read while you do your work for a few minutes. Then, they can tell you the story with some actions and even props.

9. Make them write a letter.

If a holiday is coming up, encourage your kids to write letters to their friends, loved ones, or anyone they want to greet. They can also decorate the letter with stickers and drawings.

10. Let them learn how to play a musical instrument.

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You can hire a teacher or sign your kids up to an online music course.

11. Let them do the garden.

Allow your kids to plant seeds or water the garden. Teach them how to take care of different plants properly.

12. Encourage them to wash their toys.

Fill a big laundry bucket with water and let your kids clean their toys. You can provide them with soap and scrubs.

13. Teach them to dance.

Download dance videos for kids on your TV and play them for your children to follow. It will also make them move their bodies instead of always sitting down.

Make it more worthwhile to work from home by navigating through all your responsibilities smartly. A few creative ideas can go a long way and help you manage everything you have to do.


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